Reiss Viking is recognized as a leading supplier of high-quality iron ore with production and distribution facilities located strategically throughout the U.S. Reiss Viking has supplied the magnetite and heavyweight aggregate markets since the 1970s. With over 30 years experience in coal washing, heavyweight aggregate and specialty iron oxide applications, Reiss Viking provides value-added solutions to our customers.

A leading supplier of iron ore

Reiss Viking, headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, is recognized as a leading supplier of high quality iron ore. Our company has production and distribution facilities strategically located throughout the United States and has been supplying magnetite to the coal industry since the 1970s.

Reiss Viking and its affiliates possess vast resources which position our company to service not only North America but also most international destinations. Reiss Viking has developed contacts to market products around the world, and has a track record of delivering high quality iron ore to its customers.

Reiss Viking has developed its own Specialty Products Division dedicated to assisting in the development of numerous specialty iron oxide applications as well as heavyweight aggregate applications. Our high quality iron ore has been utilized in projects ranging from radiation shielding in hospitals, heavyweight concrete counterweights for bridge construction, pigment applications and in the heavy media separation of scrap metals. Our HWA has the desired properties to be used as an alternative for counterweights in pipe coating applications, counterweights for heavy equipment, shielding applications for nuclear waste and new plant construction, ballast, erosion barriers, sea wall construction and pre-cast heavyweight blocks.

With more than 30 years experience in coal washing, heavyweight aggregate, and other specialty applications, Reiss Viking has the knowledge and expertise to provide customers with value-added solutions for their magnetite and heavyweight aggregate needs. Please contact Reiss Viking for additional information as to how we can service your iron ore, magnetite, iron oxideheavyweight aggregate and iron ore derivative needs.

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