Reiss Viking is recognized as a leading supplier of high-quality iron ore with production and distribution facilities located strategically throughout the U.S. Reiss Viking has supplied the magnetite and heavyweight aggregate markets since the 1970s. With over 30 years experience in coal washing, heavyweight aggregate and specialty iron oxide applications, Reiss Viking provides value-added solutions to our customers.


Reiss Viking Hematite product is a reddish brown color Fe2O3 sizing + 1/4" to approximately 1/2" as a pellet or as a minus 1/4" broken pellet. It is a product formed by oxidizing Fe3O4 to Fe2O3 using a high temperature thermo oxidizing process. The hematite product is produced from a natural mined product and is not a recycled or waste by-product. Reiss Viking has a history of providing high quality, consistently supplied, delivered hematite worldwide in bags or bulk to meet customers' requirements.

RV HW Hematite is a high density product with uses in heavyweight applications when used in conjuction with other Reiss Viking heavyweight products. It is a non-ferromagnetic product, thus not attacted to a magnetic field.

RV HW Hematite can be used as an additive to increase concrete weights up to 300 lbs/ft3 depending on mix design and targeted weight requirements. It can also be used as a feed stock for the production of other specialty ferric oxide products such as ceramics, pigments, concrete or brick coloring, and other industrial applications.


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