Reiss Viking is recognized as a leading supplier of high-quality iron ore with production and distribution facilities located strategically throughout the U.S. Reiss Viking has supplied the magnetite and heavyweight aggregate markets since the 1970s. With over 30 years experience in coal washing, heavyweight aggregate and specialty iron oxide applications, Reiss Viking provides value-added solutions to our customers.

RV HWA Steel Shot

Reiss Viking Heavy Weight Aggregate Steel Shot can be delivered today to meet your construction needs. Our HWA Steel Shot is an ideal choice for those projects where you need to reach concrete weights in excess of 300 lbs/ft3. Our steel shot is high quality, high-density material that when blended with other Reiss Viking products allows you to manage construction cost for those high density projects.

RV HW Steel Shot is used as an additive to increase concrete weights from of 140 lbs/ft3 up to 300 lbs/cu ft depending on mix design and targeted weight requirements. Higher density material can be blended with other Reiss Viking products to achieve weights in excess of 300 lbs.

Reiss Viking HWA Steel Shot is a very high density product (7.8 cm2/gm) with uses in heavyweight applications in conjunction with other Reiss Viking heavyweight products. Application of both radiation shielding and counterweights are common uses. A customer with a standard concrete weight of 140 lbs will now have the ability to adjust the unit weight of concrete in any increments of value to his client to over 300 lbs/ft3. This product is available in bags or bulk to meet customers' requirements worldwide.

For production of heavy concrete for counterweight, radiation shielding and ballast and other needs requiring heavyweight environmental friendly products.


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